As an integrated financial company, Investa Financial Planning Services s.a.l. presents a forefront range of investment services based on trading in capital markets on various platforms, wealth management, financial planning, and credit facilities.

Financial Trading

Trading with the most popular instruments, we at Investa offer you different online trading solutions that we make available through innovative and cutting edge technological platforms.

  • Mobile Trading:
Mobile terminals present a flexible tool to keep up with your accounts when you don’t have access to your desk.

  • Phone Trading
You can trade on the phone via our trading desk during normal trading hours. To place an order over the phone, it is important to have the following information ready:
- Your phone password
- Your account number
- Whether you are buying or selling
- The size of your order (number of lots)
- The currency you wish to trade
- The price at which you would like your order placed (for limit or stop orders)
- The type of order desired (market, limit, stop, OCO, etc.)

Wealth Management

Investa provides advice-based asset management services to individual clients and businesses. The aim of getting together with a client is to roll out the power of diversifying the allocation of assets, to flash at appropriate geographical and economic sectors that best suits with his aspirations and to establish his attitude towards level of risk. In this context, our association with major international players enables us to present a roadway towards various economic sectors' performances and the effectiveness involving a variety of well thought-of-funds. Our comprehensive product allows our clients to invest in a wide range of asset allocations.

Financial Planning

Saving and investing on a regular basis is one of the best ways to build up future wealth. At Investa, our experts put at your disposal integrated short, medium and long term saving plans in major currencies. Whether you are going for a lump sum contribution or regular payments over an agreed contractual period of time in a tax-free environment, the purpose of such investments may widely vary. From financing your retirement, supporting the academic studies of your child or even getting your dream car, the value you’ll obtain from this plan could just be a fund that enables you to capitalize on an unexpected opportunity that emerges in the future.

Credit Facilities and Mini loans

Investa can support your daily financial needs and personal investment
requirements by offering you customized credit facilities.
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